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living room decorated for spring

3 Easy and Essential Home Updates for Spring

Fresh updates to your home are a great way to welcome spring!

Spring is so close, and I’m so ready. Of course, spring cleaning is a must when shaking those winter blahs away and getting your home ready for warmer weather. Spring is also a great time to reduce clutter.

But if you’re hoping to really freshen up your space and bring a touch of spring inside, these three simple updates are the easiest way to brighten up your home without breaking your budget.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can change the entire feel of a room. Who knew that a paint can could wield so much power?

Spring is the perfect time of year to give your drab walls a brilliant makeover, especially because you’ll be able to open the windows. But before you just start slathering some color on your walls, take the time to watch a few how-to videos from the pros so that you can coat your walls expertly in one weekend.

Dress Your Windows

It’s time to update your window treatments and let the light in for spring! While these don’t usually get much attention, they can make a big difference in a room. Whether you need blinds, shades, or curtains will depend on the amount of light and the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Drapes, of course, are fabric window treatments that fit on the outside of your window. By hanging them higher, you can make the window feel larger. A new trend is floor-to-ceiling curtain panels, which take that to a new level. By having curtains that run the length of the wall, it can make a space feel larger and more modern.

If you’re hoping for something sleek or you prefer to be able to block out as much light as possible, custom blinds and shades are the way to go. They’ll fit inside your window frame perfectly. Inexpensive blinds made of plastic or vinyl are usually what first comes to mind, but these days, there are also plenty of modern design options made of eco-friendly and organic materials like bamboo.

Update the Flooring

New flooring is probably the single biggest update that you can make to a room. The best part about this update, aside from the impact, is that there are plenty of options to choose from that will fit into a variety of budgets. There really is something for everyone!

If you’re hoping for a DIY option, you don’t have to settle for something that looks cheap, either. Gone are the days of ugly, dated sheet vinyl. Cheap vinyl floor tiles are an easy DIY makeover option, and even sheet vinyl has come really far in updated, modern styles. Luxury vinyl tile is thick enough to be grouted like standard tile, and it’ll give your floors a higher-end, more realistic tile look.

Of course, there are also plenty of affordable and durable options if you prefer the look of hardwoods. If you’re relatively skilled at DIYing home projects, laminate flooring is an excellent easy-to-install choice and is also still pretty affordable to hire a pro to install.

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