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5 Places to Learn New Things in Your Retirement Years

Just because you’ve reached the retirement age doesn’t mean you have to be bored. There are countless hobbies and social activities out there, such as a garden club, that are accessible regardless of how active you are.  There’s no need to sit around at home!

You don’t have to completely commit to any of them either. You can simply dabble in all sorts of different pastimes. You’re free to sample all the wonderful things life has to offer until you find those you truly enjoy in your retirement years.

Prefer a more social route versus taking things on by yourself? Many things can be experienced in a group setting as well. Here are just a few great examples.

1.  Join a garden club.

If you love botany – or even if you simply enjoy flowers, herbs, or growing your own food – this is for you. Just about every city has at least one local garden club, if not many. You’ll find most are quite open and inviting, too.  If you already love spending time in a garden, this really is perfect for you!

Even if you don’t enjoy getting your hands dirty, there are also opportunities to learn about crafting arrangements or garden and yard landscaping.

2. Take pottery classes.

From community centers to privately run studios, there are plenty of places where you can practice pottery. Many of them offer a casual atmosphere where people can learn tips and tricks from the studio staff, too.

3. Paint and sip.

Want to learn to paint in a casual environment with a glass of wine and some good socialization? Paint and sip parties are a great way to get started.

Look for places like Painting with a Twist or Pino’s Palette. Alternatively, there may be independent companies that host nights like these in your town or city as well.

4. Attend lectures or book club meetings.

Book clubs, lectures, and discussion groups are a great way to get out and meet new people. Plus, chances are, you’ll learn something new just about every time you go, too.  Not to mention it’ll give you something to do during your downtime while at home – reading a new book to discuss!

Check with your local libraries, bookstores, and community centers to find out what opportunities are available to you.

5. Join a crafting club.

Want to learn to knit or crochet? Why go it alone when you could join a crafting club? These fun and rewarding hobbies are fine on their own, of course. However, they can also be a great social activity as well.

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