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5 Ways Seniors Can Always Save More Money

When trying to save money, every little bit can help. This is especially true if you’re on a fixed or limited income.

We can never be too prepared for unexpected expenses to arrive, like bill increases or a medical issue. And while few people really enjoy being frugal, it often doesn’t take much effort.

Here are five simple things you can start doing to save money and help your finances.

1. Have some meatless meals.

Many Americans tend to plan meals around a staple protein that’s typically some kind of meat. But not all meals need to feature meat as their centerpiece. Not only is it healthier to cut back on meat, it will actually save you money as well.

Try searching for some delicious vegetarian meal recipes and try working them into your weekly diet.

2. Take advantage of senior discount days.

Some shops and restaurants have senior discounts available every day of the year, but not all do. Many places have specific, designated discount days for seniors. These include a lot of theaters as well as some retail stores and supermarkets.

Not sure what day to go? Call and speak to someone in customer service. They can tell you what day(s) they offer discounts and what the age requirements are.

Additionally, if you aren’t already an AARP member, you might want to join. An inexpensive annual membership can give you access to even more discounts.

3. Consider quality over price.

Often, we’re given several choices when shopping for most things. There may be a cheap option or a more expensive, higher quality one. While the cheaper option may seem more budget-friendly, that’s not always the case. Take a moment to consider how long it will last.

There’s certainly a balance to find in terms of investing in things that’ll retain their value and usefulness. However, we’re also more likely to treat costlier items with more care than we might otherwise.

4. Examine those bills.

Do you pay your bills without thoroughly scrutinizing them? You could end up overpaying for things when you don’t need to – especially with monthly services. That’s why you should always double check your bills for any mistakes.

Additionally, when it comes to things like cable TV, phone services, and utilities, it doesn’t hurt to call sometimes, too. Available plans and packages tend to change frequently. The last thing you want is to be grandfathered-in to plan that costs more than you need to be paying. Be sure to talk to a representative to ensure you’re getting the best possible rate.

And don’t forget to ask about senior discounts or programs, too!

5. Look for free local resources.

Many cities have plenty of free resources available to the locals, especially seniors. You may find local meal programs, transportation services, and more. It never hurts to see what your city has to offer.

Not only could you save time and money, utilizing these resources may even enrich your life.

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