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5 Ways You Can Save on Prescription Glasses

Some folks are born with perfect eyes. The rest of us struggle with glasses, contacts and squinting. Even after we resign ourselves to the fact that we’ll need visual aids for the rest of our lives, we still have to deal with the extra costs associated.

You cut coupons for everything else, so surely there must be a way to save on eyeglasses, right? Fret not, those prescription glasses don’t have to cost you an arm or a leg. We’ve got some great tips that can help you save a bundle on them.

1. Shop Online

After getting an eye exam, you can take your prescription wherever you’d like – including many online retailers. These include places like Eye Buy Direct and Zenni Optical, both of which offer inexpensive options for prescription glasses.

It may sound daunting to shop online for glasses, but it’s actually quite easy. Besides, if you’re not tech savvy, you can always enlist the help of someone who is to help you shop. It’s definitely worth it once you consider how significant the savings can be.

2. Check Wholesale Clubs

Warehouse wholesale clubs Costco and Sam’s Club both have optical centers. Often you can find some low-cost options at these types of stores.

Consumer Reports has even called Costco one of the best places to shop for glasses. Plus, you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of the deals on optical services or prescription eyewear.

Keep an eye open for coupons that may come in the mail for wholesale clubs or ask at the door when you go in!

3. See About Potential Discounts

Do you have an AAA or AARP membership? If so, you may be eligible for discounts on both eye exams and glasses.

Lots of retailers offer up discounts for members of these clubs. (And, trust us, both of these memberships are often worth having.) Just be sure to ask!

4. Invest in Vision Insurance

Many of us have vision insurance options through the companies we work for. It’s absolutely worth it if you know you need glasses. Most will pay for regular eye exams and will give you a discount on frames and lenses. If you have a vision insurance option, it’s a no-brainer to take your employer up on that offer.

If you are a senior on Medicare, it might be advantageous to get a Medicare Advantage plan with vision coverage. (Medicare itself does not cover eyeglasses, but there are advantage plans that include coverage for them.)

5. Low Income? Seek Assistance

If you live on a low, fixed income, there are programs available that can provide assistance for purchasing prescription glasses. You will have to provide proof of your income and meet certain qualifications, of course.

First of all, you might try your local area Lions Club, as they may be able to help you cut costs.  Alternatively, there are also programs like OneSight and New Eyes for the Needy as well. Both provide free glasses to people in need.

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