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6 Natural Ways to Prevent and Combat Hair Loss

Aging has its ups and its downs. Unfortunately, one of the sad realities is what it can do to our hair.

As we get older, the rate of growth slows, our follicles produce less melanin, and our hair becomes thinner. Some people simply experience thinning and graying; though, for many, hair loss is a real issue.

Keeping a healthy head of hair becomes a real challenge as we get older. Fret not though, we have some beauty tips for you. There are several things you can do to help stop hair loss.

1. Eat Healthy

We know, “eat healthy” comes up time and time again as the answer to everything, but that’s because it really does have a bigger impact than one might think.

Our diets impact so many factors of our well-being – yes, even our beauty and hair. For example, a diet lacking protein can be at least partially responsible for some types of hair loss.

That’s why you should always eat a well-balanced diet for the sake of your health and your hair.

2. Take Vitamins

There are several vitamins that are beneficial to the health of your hair and scalp.

For starters, you can help prevent hair loss by making sure you get plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, you’ll want to take a B-Complex vitamin that includes B5 and Biotin.

Zinc and Iron are also important to maintaining healthy hair, as are meeting daily requirements for Vitamins C and D.

3. Consider Some Supplements

In addition to vitamins, there are some supplements that are believed to help prevent hair loss as well. Palmetto, for one, is said to block the production of DHT, a metabolite of testosterone that can cause hair loss. It’s also believed to promote beautiful, healthy skin as well.

4. Use Gentle Shampoos

If you’re experiencing hair loss, the last thing you want to do is strip your hair of its natural oils. That’s why you should opt for sulfate-free, ultra-gentle, pH-neutral shampoos. We also advise against washing too frequently.

5. Be Careful with Your Hair

There are a few things you should always remember when it comes to caring for your hair. First, avoid over-drying it when drying with a towel. Second, don’t brush it while wet. Third, avoid any harsh treatments like bleaching or perms.

To prevent breakage, investing in a silk pillowcase is also a good idea.

6. Massage Your Scalp

A scalp massage, with or without essential oils can help promote good circulation and increase blood flow. As such, doing this for a few minutes every day can help stimulate hair growth.

Rosemary oil can enhance your scalp massage and may even promote hair growth as well.

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