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Add These Must-Have Electronic Appliances to Your Christmas Wish List

As the year comes to a close, you’re more than likely considering how to switch things up both in your personal life and your home. Changing things up from time to time can often help you refocus for the upcoming New Year.

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, home security, or common areas, consider adding the following must-have electronic appliances to your Christmas wish list this season. Not only will these devices improve your living space, but they’ll make taking care of your home much easier.

Kitchen Appliances

Smart Refrigerator: Have you ever wanted to peer into your refrigerator to see what’s inside but didn’t want to open the door? Well, now you can. Smart refrigerators offer a variety of features that make storing your favorite foods more convenient and fun.

Many smart fridges include a large touch-screen display for leaving notes, looking up recipes, and sending messages to family members’ smartphones. You can also control smart home devices, stream music, and order groceries.

Small Appliances: The market is also flooded with smaller appliances such as air fryers, coffee makers, and toasters that are also “smart.” However, don’t forget the traditional mixers and crockpots. These kitchen mainstays will always be in high demand due to their dependability and quality.

Smarthome Devices

Google Smart Homes: Google Nest, formerly Google Home, is a line of smart products and devices that help create a cohesive and more secure environment whether you’re away or asleep in bed. Google’s smarthome devices include Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Audio, and Chromecast TV.

Alexa Smart Devices: Amazon’s female voice assistant Alexa is used in a variety of home devices, including the Ring Peep Cam, the Wyze Cam, and the best-selling Echo. With so many options, Alexa can be accessed anywhere in your home.

Visual and Audio Devices

Big Screen TV: There’s nothing quite like watching an action-packed movie or sporting event on a giant flat screen TV. Despite the large price tag on some of the latest LED/OLED models, 40-60 inch HD TVs are actually quite affordable. Unless your eyes are trained to catch every dead pixel or post-production error, the average Smart TV will do just fine.

Audio Listening: Apple AirPods and the recently acquired Beats by Dre over-ear headphones are some of the music industry’s best devices for listening to music. Equipped with state-of-the-art noise cancellation features, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite music or podcast free of interruption.

Robot and Cordless Vacuums

Small Robot Vacuums: Take a load off and hire an oversized hockey puck to automatically vacuum your floors. While robot vacuums aren’t as powerful as upright cleaning devices, they’re mighty convenient for that quick clean up before company arrives.

Cordless Vacuums: If you feel like throwing your vacuum out the window because of the obnoxious cord… don’t. They’re pretty expensive to replace. What you can do, however, is invest in a cordless vacuum that holds its charge via a portable battery. Some of the latest models developed by Dyson, Hoover, and Shark are lightweight and extremely powerful.

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