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Basic Beauty Tips Everyone Should Follow

It doesn’t matter if you’re 19 or 90: There are some basic beauty tips that women everywhere should be following to keep their skin glowing, their body in peak condition, and their confidence high.

We’re not suggesting that your beauty routine defines who you are as a person. But when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can conquer the world.

Drink Plenty of Water

This is an often-talked about beauty tip that no one ever follows! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day keeps your skin hydrated, your body properly nourished, and your energy levels high.

The old saying is to get at least 8 glasses of water a day, but that’s subjective. Keep a water bottle on you at all times, plus one at your desk, and make sure you’re consuming plenty from it. This is the top secret that you’ll get from supermodels as well as office workers with glowing skin.

An increase in water will keep your skin soft, glowing, radiant, and blemish-free.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Are you doing it right now? Stop!

Your hands go everywhere. They touch walls, doorknobs, your phone, your car keys, your shoes… and then you’re touching your face?!

When you touch your face, you’re spreading germs and bacteria all over your sensitive skin. Not to mention the oils that are being moved around and added. If you keep having random breakouts and you don’t know why, try making a serious effort to not touch your skin for a few weeks. The difference will astound you.

Always Wear Sunscreen… Always

Sunscreen is so important. The sun is a giant flaming ball of fire, so why are you not doing everything you can to protect yourself?

When applying sunscreen to your face, avoid beachy brands that leave a heavy residue and smell like chemicals. There are a lot of lighter, better options that will leave minimal to no feeling behind but still protect your skin. Use one of these as a base before applying makeup in the morning.

Make sure you’re maintaining this routine in the winter, too. When sunlight reflects off of snow, you’re getting double the dose!

Have Extra Eye Cream? Use It on Your Hands

If you have lots of extra eye cream you’re not using (maybe it was a gift, or a brand you ended up hating), or you’re in a pinch, your eye cream can double as cuticle cream for your nails.

The formula is actually very similar, and it will do the trick to soften your cuticles and give your hands a polished, professional look.

Being Put-Together Is in the Little Details

Can’t figure out why your perfectly polished outfit doesn’t look as good as your coworker’s, who always comes into the office looking so together? Maybe it’s not the outfit, but the little details.

Make sure your hair is neat and matches the style that you’re going for. Is your makeup too much or not enough? Nails and shoes are also part of the package – there is nothing less professional than a businessperson who has ragged nails, peeling cuticles, or shoes that are in poor repair.

Accessories are also a big deal. The perfect pair of earrings or necklace can pull the whole outfit together.

Don’t Always Use the Same Products

If you’ve found your holy-grail moisturizer or shampoo, awesome! Congratulations. But don’t feel tied down to one product just because it works.

Your body responds well to variety and change, and your needs are often evolving. In the summer, you’re going to want a different moisturizer for the heat than in the winter when your skin dries out faster.

Spice up your routine, and make sure you’re meeting your needs throughout the year.

Oily Skin Doesn’t Mean Less Moisturizer

The biggest mistake some people make is not moisturizing their skin when it’s greasy. Sometimes your skin is overproducing oils because your body lacks them, leading to a greasy face.

If you find your face is often oily and unpleasant, reevaluate your skincare routine. Adding an oil as a makeup remover or moisturizer may just normalize your skin!

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