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A lawnmower cuts the grass in a lush yard

Best Lawn Care Brands to Keep Your Grass Greener

It’s spring, which means it’s time to really dig deep and get that yard looking green and healthy. For most people, this means getting enough water and nutrients to their grass. If you’re looking for the best deals and best brands, look no further! Today, we’re breaking down the top lawn care brands for your grass.

It’s important that you strike now to get your grass looking great early in the year. By the time summer rolls around, you’ll be too late!

Best for New Seeds: Scott’s Turf Builder

If you’ve recently planted seeds in your yard, the lawn food you need is Scott’s Turf Builder. The reason? It encourages new growth to rise to the top, become lush and spacious, and crowds out weeds. One of the biggest threats to new growth grass is the proliferation of weeds that sap the soil of nutrients and out-compete your smooth, green grass.

By giving your grass the right type of lawn food, it will encourage luscious growth that strangles weeds and causes nothing but thick grass to dominate your lawn. This is a win-win scenario, as thick grass and no weeds are both goals of all lawn-care products.

Best for Established Lawns: Lesco Fertilizer

On the other hand, those looking to manage an established lawn and feed grass that’s already mature should look into Lesco fertilizer. Lesco’s granular fertilizer is ideal for feeding lawns in the Spring, and encourages healthy, long-term growth that helps grass stay thick, green and lush throughout the harsh summer months.

Remember, spring is the season to be thinking about your grass. While summer is warm and great for being outdoors, grass can’t grow when it’s too hot. If you want your grass to stay thick and gorgeous throughout the hottest days of the year, you need to take action now.

Best Weed-Killer: Dow Snapshot

If you’re tangling with stubborn weeds that won’t leave you alone, consider using Dow Snapshot weed killer to zap the problem plants. It’s safe to use this weed killer around shrubs and trees, and it does a great job of quickly eliminating any weeds that are trying to strangle your lawn, flower bed or shrubberies.

Remember, however, not to use this weed killer around bulbs or annuals. Bulbs are unlikely to come up after Dow Snapshot is used around them, and the weed killer can cause serious damage to annuals that prevents them from blooming.

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