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Prescription Drugs

Lower Your Prescription Bills with These Quick Tips

It’s bad enough that many prescriptions often come with hefty price tags, especially in the United States. Worse, still, is accidentally overpaying for them on a regular basis. Even those with good insurance can...


The Best Sports for the Over-60 Crowd

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean that you should slow down. In fact, staying mobile and exercising becomes more and more vital to your health! But the reality is that some sports aren’t...


6 Helpful Tips for Managing the Pain of Arthritis

While arthritis is extremely common, it is also often misunderstood. Because it isn’t simply a single disease, the symptoms and affected joints vary widely from person to person. According to the Arthritis Foundation...


6 Natural Ways to Prevent and Combat Hair Loss

Aging has its ups and its downs. Unfortunately, one of the sad realities is what it can do to our hair. As we get older, the rate of growth slows, our follicles produce less melanin, and our hair becomes thinner. Some...