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Could Rearranging Your Furniture Help You Feel More Youthful?

It may sound absolutely crazy, but hear us out. What if simply changing things around in your home could have a profound effect on how young you feel?

Think about it. The things you keep in your personal space are something of a reflection of who you are. Even our emotional states can shine through how we compose our surroundings.

How you arrange things can help instill harmony and balance in your life. It can help relieve stress which can also have a significant impact on how you feel. After all, there’s a reason why Feng shui is so popular.

Before you go out and buy a book on the ancient Chinese practice, we’ve got a few simple starter tips. You might be surprised how simple they are, too.

1. Cleaning and Decluttering

Yes, we’re starting with the most obvious approach. Feng shui aside, countless studies have shown that reducing clutter can help ease stress by lessening mental strain. The more chaotic your space is, the more emotionally overwhelming it may be. Feel younger and more at ease by tidying up and discarding things that aren’t needed.

2. Move Your Electronics

Are there electronic devices in your bedroom? Try moving them out. There’s a place in your life for computers, TVs, and mobile devices and the bedroom isn’t it, trust us.

This tip can help significantly improve your sleep, and you know a good night’s rest can definitely make you feel more youthful.

Without electronics, you’ll likely find it easier to sleep a truly restful sleep every night.

3. Implement Peaceful Décor

Once you’ve decluttered and freed up some space, it’s time to put more important items in your peripheral. Incorporate items that help bring you peace, like sentimental items, a salt lamp, a plant, or a small water feature.

These things all have different properties, of course. However, all of them can contribute to feelings of being at ease and optimistic.

4. Learn More About Feng Shui

The elements of Feng shui are likely less complex than you may think. While it may sound silly to concern yourself with how energy flows through your home, it can make a real difference.

Regardless of how much you buy into it, some suggestions are even scientifically sound. Certain things, and the placement of them, provoke specific feelings.

Paintings, photographs, colors, and furniture placement all affect your mental state. Why not try to tailor that mental state to a younger, more vibrant one?

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