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Dating Over 50? Myths You Should Know About!

You might wonder about what dating might be like once you reach your 50’s, or maybe you’re already in your 50’s and have no idea what the dating scene might present if you find yourself suddenly single.

To help give you a better idea of what to expect, here are the top myths surrounding dating in the 50’s.  Prepare to be surprised!

Men Still Love Chasing Women

Sorry, gals – men aren’t going to be so willing to chase you like they once were in their younger dating days.  For starters, they usually have a wider pool to choose from, and there is less competition.

They’re also more mature, have higher expectations, more responsibilities, and, well… that can mean less of a sexual drive.

Older People are More Mature

Sorry!  Being older doesn’t necessarily make someone act more mature.  Some people will sadly never grow up, and that can be a big reason behind why they’re still on the market even at an advanced age.

Older Folk Are Less Interested in Sex

Even though men may have less of a sexual drive doesn’t mean they won’t want to have sex altogether, and the same goes for women.  It just isn’t always a top priority when seeking a new partner.

The truth is that 51% of older women report that they’re actually much happier and fulfilled between the ages of 50 and 65, which can lead to more satisfaction elsewhere as well.

Men and Women are Less Picky about Appearance

You might assume that as people age, they’ll start to place less importance in how the other person looks, but that simply isn’t true.  People still have their personal preferences as far as physique and body types go.

However, there are also those that place more importance in other areas – such as whether someone has a sense of humor or other traits that they find attractive.

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