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DIY Beeswax Food Wraps for Sandwiches and Snacks

You know those beeswax food wraps that are all the rage these days? They’re used in place of plastic cling wrap for packing lunches or storing foods in the fridge. However, as cute and eco-friendly as these reusable covers may be, they’re typically somewhat pricey.

Granted, you do save money in the long run since you avoid constantly buying the plastic alternatives. Still, the initial investment can be off-putting. Even a small three-pack can run you as much as $15-20 – sometimes even more, especially for ones with cute prints.

But what if we told you that you could make your own with the fabric of your choosing. Yep, you can DIY these trendy beeswax food wraps.

What You Need

First, you’ll need to gather your supplies. For starters, to make beeswax food wraps, you’ll need cosmetic-grade beeswax pellets and the cotton fabric of your choice. You can choose any print or pattern you like, just make sure it’s 100% cotton.

You’ll also need some good scissors (pinking shears are preferable), a wide paintbrush, parchment paper, and a baking sheet. Last, make sure you have something you can hang them on to dry like a clothesline or coat hanger. And, of course, you’ll need clothespins or some sort of clips to hang them with.

The brush you use will end up covered in wax. Be sure you’re comfortable making it a dedicated beeswax brush since you won’t want to use it with anything else.


Preheat your oven to 200°F or whatever the lowest setting is. Next, cut your fabric into squares that you can fit on the baking sheet. For wrapping sandwiches, we’d suggest using a 14” by 14” square. If you have pinking shears, they’ll help keep your wraps from fraying. However, regular scissors will still work just fine.

Next, place your cut fabric on a parchment-lined baking sheet. If your fabric choice has a print on one side, lay that side face down. For each wrap you make, you’ll want to always use a fresh, clean piece of parchment paper.

Making A Beeswax Food Wrap

After you’ve placed the parchment paper and fabric on your baking sheet, it’s time to get started. Sprinkle the fabric with beeswax pellets, evenly distributing a relatively liberal amount all over it. (Make sure you get plenty around the edges.)

Now, you’re ready to melt that wax. Place the baking sheet in your oven for 4 to 8 minutes, removing it once the pellets have completely melted. Then, take your brush and spread the wax evenly across the fabric.

Carefully remove the fabric with a pair of tongs and wait a few seconds for it to cool. Then you can hang it to dry. Once it’s set, you’ve got a ready-to-use beeswax wrap!

Using Your Wraps

Unfortunately, this pliable packaging option does have some shortcomings. They aren’t air-tight, so you won’t be able to use them to keep highly perishable foods from spoilage. They are also not viable as a freezer storage solution either.

However, they’re great for wrapping foods you intend to eat soon. For instance, you can wrap a sandwich or piece of fruit in one or cover a bowl of pasta. In other words, they’re great for packed lunches, not for long-term solutions.

Cleaning and Storage

To clean them for reuse, you’ll simply want to rinse them in cool water with a mild soap. Hang them to dry on a clothesline or drying rack and avoid exposing them to heat. (Hot water, microwaving, or leaving them out on a hot day can cause them to melt.)

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