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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying Robot Vacuums

If you’ve been considering buying a robot vacuum, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind before you finally make your purchase. Doing a little research ahead of time can help you save a lot of time and headaches later, and since Black Friday is right around the corner, the last thing you’ll want to do is make a splurge purchase based on price alone.

Before you buy robot vacuums, make sure that you don’t make the following mistakes.

The Color of Robot Vacuums Should Be Considered

The last thing you probably think of when buying a robot vacuum is what color it comes in. However, the color can matter when you consider the primary role of the device: cleaning up debris, dust, and hair. Unfortunately, all of those things can dirty your robot vacuum and really stand out, especially over time.

If you choose a lighter color, the dirt might not show up as much, which means you might not have to clean it off as often. Granted, choosing a darker color might compel you to clean it more often—so the choice is really up to you.

Not Checking to See the Robot Vacuum Dustbin Capacity

Although robot vacuums all tend to look kind of the same, what they have inside can differ by a great deal, including the size of their dustbin capacity.

In other words, how often do you plan to clean out the dustbin, and do you want to be forced to do it more often? If that isn’t something you want to worry about as much, you should look for a robot vacuum that has a larger dustbin capacity.

The Size and Height of the Robot Vacuum Can Really Matter

Before purchasing a robot vacuum, do a walk-through of your home to see the height and spacing of objects around the area you’d like the robot vacuum to clean. For example, if you have a dresser you’d the robot to be able to clean underneath, you’ll want to make sure it can actually fit under it.

The same idea applies to the overall shape of the robot vacuum. Most robot vacuums are circular, but there are other shapes available as well. If your home has a lot of 90 degree angles, you might benefit better from a D-shaped robot vacuum that can handle corners.

Other things you’ll want to consider is whether you’d like a robot vacuum that can schedule cleanings, provides mapping abilities, and other convenience features that may or may not come with a higher price tag.

As long as you take the time to do your homework when it comes to making a robot vacuum purchase, you’ll be far less likely to regret your purchase later.

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