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Tesla Model S

Dream Cars: Which One Is Your Favorite?

Cars are awesome. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from–it’s hard to argue that cars are anything other than flat-out awesome. They are also very, very expensive if you want the high-end, luxury vehicles that we classify as “dream cars.”

We’re taking a closer look at some of the coolest luxury cars on the road today. Which one is your dream car?

BMW 7 Series

BMW’s full-sized, luxury sedan line of 7 Series vehicles can be ordered with some absolutely crazy engine options. The Bavarian automaker really knows how to make some powerful muscle into a car you really enjoy driving. The Alpina B7 xDrive, which will run you around $140,000, sports a 600-horsepower engine that can crush track times.

The B7 is comfortable, luxurious and fast, topping out over 200 mph. However, in the US the vehicle has a limiter keeping it locked in at 192 mph, though savvy owners can find ways around that. Not that we encourage driving that fast; the vehicle is limited for a reason.

Dodge Demon

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, also known just as the “Dodge Demon,” is something of a sequel to the Hellcat. Defying logic, the Demon sports an astonishing 840 horsepower, rubber-burning 770 pound-feet of torque and more high-tech drag-racing technology than any other production car.

The craziest thing about the Demon isn’t what’s under the hood. At least, the engine alone isn’t what makes this a dream car. The price tag is reasonable, coming in at around $85,000, which makes it one of the most surprisingly affordable dream cars on the market. It just happens to be an $85,000 car that can run a mile in under ten seconds.

Oh, and it ties the Telsa P100D in Ludicrous Mode for its 0-60 of 2.3 seconds. You gotta hand it to American automakers–they like to go fast.

Tesla Model S

Speaking of Tesla’s P100D, the American electric carmaker produces some of the most “wow” inducing cars on the road today.  The Model S, the company’s luxury sedan, is no exception. With the aforementioned Ludicrous Mode activated, the vehicle can hit 0-60 in just over 2.3, has a top speed of 163, and accelerates with immediate electric torque.

Did we mention the Model S runs entirely on electricity and doesn’t make a sound when it’s running around the track?

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