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Essential 2020 Tech for Your Home

As 2020 presses on, we’re starting to see a rapid rise in new tech that will be widely used by the end of the year. This decade, we’re going to watch revolutionary ideas like hands-free lawn mowers, autonomous driving, predictive medicine, water-recycling devices and 5G data become ubiquitous.

Consumer technology writer Brian X. Chen of the New York Times writes,

“Tech is in our homes with thermostats that heat up our residences before we walk through the door. It’s in our cars with safety features that warn us about vehicles in adjacent lanes. It’s on our television sets, where many of us are streaming shows and movies through apps. We even wear it on ourselves in the form of wristwatches that monitor our health. In 2020 and the coming decade, these trends are likely to gather momentum.”

We live in exciting times! Read on to learn about the hottest tech trends of 2020, and the tech essentials that you need to check out this year.

Smart Devices

  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart lighting
  • Smart kitchen appliances
  • Smart security systems
  • Smart grills
  • Smart home hubs and controllers like the Amazon Echo Dot or the Google Nest Mini
  • Smart televisions
  • Outdoor speakers

These devices can all be controlled through your smart phone.

Health and Safety

  • Surveillance systems like the SimpliSafe or Nest home security
  • Baby safety devices like the Nanit Plus and the iBaby Monitor
  • Smart health and fitness trackers
  • The Qardiobase smart scale


  • iRobot vacuum cleaner
  • Dyson 360 Eye Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Smart kitchen appliances
  • The Automower robot lawn mower
  • Steam ovens
  • Bluetooth-connected microwaves and ovens
  • Touch-controlled stoves
  • Built-in food vacuum sealers
  • Personal home water recycling devices

Are you ready for what the future of technology holds? If it all sounds a little scary in a “Black Mirror” or “Twilight Zone” sort of way, we implore you to think about all the technologies that were new to us in the last decade:

  • Uber
  • Postmates
  • Netflix original series
  • Instagram
  • iMessage
  • iPad
  • Online crowdfunding
  • Virtual payment options
  • Venmo
  • Siri
  • Smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Apple Maps
  • 4G coverage
  • Boxed mattresses

How many of those innovations and products would you have laughed at pre-2010, only to be reliant on them in 2020? For this writer, it’s almost all of them. We here at Your Essential Living are psyched to try all these latest gadgets, apps and smart devices as they’re rolled out in the coming months.

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