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Five Reasons You Should Totally Join a Garden Club

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a green thumb or have no experience gardening at all. Garden clubs are a beneficial social environment for gardeners of all skill levels – novices and experts alike.

You’ll be blessed with opportunities to meet and befriend others, to learn, and to inspire. You’ll also be able to share materials and other resources, exchange information and get help with various projects.

Not yet sold on the idea? Here are our top five reasons why you’ll love joining a garden club.

1. It can be a learning experience.

No matter how experienced one is, there are always new ways to be inspired and new things to learn in a garden club.

If you’re already an avid gardener, perhaps you can share advice and tips with the rest of the group. Maybe you can even help develop educational programs.

If you’re a gardening novice, you’ll have lots of opportunities to discover new things and hone your skills. There are often classes, shows, and lectures you can attend for free, and they aren’t just limited to growing plants either. You could learn about composting, floral design, or even beekeeping.

2. You can help out in your community.

Many garden clubs host or participate in community outreach programs. From promoting conservation and preservation efforts to establishing community gardens, many garden club projects often benefit great causes.

3. It’s a great creative outlet.

Whether you enjoy landscaping, floral design, or even photography, garden clubs can help you unleash your inner artist. Working with natural materials like plants, flowers, and tree bark can be a really fun way to create original art.

4. There are fun garden club events.

Most garden clubs tend to have their fair share of annual events. These may include garden tours, plant shows, seed swaps, plant sales, and other social gatherings. Many, if not all, of the events are typically free for members to attend as well.

5. You’ll get to make new friends.

Our absolute favorite thing about being part of a garden club is meeting new people. Regardless of what aspect you prefer most or whether you get your hands dirty, garden clubs are social by nature.

In most cases, you’ll find your local garden club to be quite welcoming.

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