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Hiring a Caregiver? Don’t Forget to Perform a Background Check

When hiring a caregiver for yourself or a loved one, there are a few important things to consider. Sure, you may have found one that seems perfect, has a sparkling personality, and even good references. However, just because someone seems amazing, doesn’t mean they most definitely are.

That’s why it’s always important to perform a thorough background check, regardless of a potential caregiver’s credentials. In fact, verifying those credentials is a big part of why background checks are so crucial.

Finding Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, many people end up hiring caregivers based solely upon word-of-mouth recommendations and references. Think about it though, if you were hiring someone for a business position, you’d check their credentials, no? Why would you skip this vital part of the hiring process with someone working inside your own home?

A background check not only helps validate one’s credentials, it can also uncover potential causes for concern.

Hiring someone to perform in-home caregiver duties is a huge decision, and you should want peace of mind. These days, it’s absolutely vital to obtain solid proof that the person is both knowledgeable and trustworthy.

How to Run a Background Check

Running a background check on someone doesn’t mean simply punching their name into Google. Unfortunately, most DIY methods aren’t accurate and may not turn up important data.

Even a professionally conducted background check may not be one hundred percent reliable, however, it is a lot more thorough.

Instead of trying to do the research yourself, it’s often best to use a background checking firm. In fact, there are some that even specialize in caregivers. It’s important to realize that criminal records in the U.S. are decentralized. There is no national database you can simply search, and that’s why online search services may miss things.

Avoid services that offer “instant” results. It’s also advisable to look for those that are accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.

And, of course, know your candidate will have to authorize the background checking process.

What You Could Learn

Most background checks look for criminal records as well as motor vehicle reports. They can also confirm the validity of any supplied credentials or certifications. How in depth a background check will go varies based on the provider you choose. Additionally, your level of scrutiny may also factor into how thorough a check will be.

If your caregiver will be providing transportation, it’s highly recommended you request motor vehicle records. These will show if your potential caregiver has any traffic violations.

Overall, a background check can tell you about a person’s character and whether they have a history of criminal activity. Additionally, you can see if there are any restraining orders or other issues that may be concerning.

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