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Hot Home Decor Trends Taking 2020 by Storm

Interior design trends are constantly changing, just like fashion. If it’s been a while since your home has seen a refresh, it might be time to check out the biggest trends of 2020. We’re looking at taking indoor gardening to the next level, kid- and pet-proof floors, and modern takes on blinds.

So read on for some ideas on how to give your space a modern makeover!

Indoor Gardens

indoor garden next to a staircase
Joe Fletcher via Dwell

Indoor plants and living walls have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, so it’s no surprise that plant-lovers are looking for new ways to bring more green into their homes.

Take your plant habit to a whole new level with an actual indoor garden. Essentially, it’s a small-scale garden plot within the walls of your home. You can use any underutilized space, like under a staircase. Just make sure that your spot gets enough sun to keep your plants happy, or think about putting in grow lights.

Patterned Area Rugs

black and white animal print rug
Erin kestenbaum via Hayneedle

Area rugs aren’t just to create a soft surface against a hard, cold floor. With endless prints, colors, and textures, they’re kind of like art… except for your floor. The perfect area rug will help tie the room together and make the space feel even more warm and inviting.

Look for bold, eye-catching prints, like animal or geometric designs, which are pretty hot this year. On the opposite side, beautifully faded vintage-inspired rugs are also having a moment.

Golden Bar Stools

gold and blue barstools in a home kitchen
Mercury Mosaics and Tile via Decoist

As more and more people opt for open floor plans, kitchen islands with bar seating have become really popular. New barstools can be a great way to give your kitchen a fresh mini-makeover. But unless you’re going for that dated diner look, you’ll want to pick something modern and trending.

Metallic finishes can revamp your kitchen with a little sparkle. But if chrome or gold aren’t your thing, a bold blue is always a gorgeous addition to interior decor. Either of these trends can translate to a variety of different styles.

Custom Blinds

custom wood blinds in modern space
Home Depot

When you think of blinds, the inexpensive plastic or vinyl kind that you can purchase at a big box store is likely what comes to mind first. However, I’m here to tell you that those aren’t your only option, and custom blinds can give your windows a much-needed modern makeover.

You can find blinds made of eco-friendly, organic materials, like bamboo and woven wood. Having them custom-made to fit inside your windows perfectly will ensure they look high-end and modern.

Durable Flooring

cleaning luxury vinyl tile floor
Sebring Design Build

Flooring in 2020 is all about durability. I’m not saying that hardwoods aren’t amazing–because they are. But new flooring options can replicate the look of hardwoods, with amazing durability that will stand up to kids, pets, or high traffic. And the best part is that you can’t even tell the difference! They look just like traditional wood.

There are actually several different options if you want durability and the look of wood, plus they’re much more budget-friendly. Laminate wood flooring is always a popular choice, and luxury vinyl tile flooring is increasing in popularity, too. Wood-look porcelain tile is another gorgeous option, but it’s important to remember that this is sometimes a less-commonly used option. Even though they’re extremely durable, they can be noisier underfoot and cold to the touch.

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