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How to Effectively Deal with Divorce When You’re Over the Hill

No matter how old you are, divorces can be an especially challenging ordeal. For folks over 50, certain hurdles become increasingly difficult.

However, there are some things you can do to make the transition a bit less tough.

The divorce rate for older individuals has increased significantly in the last thirty years. And though that may sound disheartening, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means that there are lots more people out there that know what you may be going through. Plus, it also means there are more singles out there if you decide to start dating again.

Though it’s not always easy to move on, divorce can be a liberating experience. Here are some pieces of advice that can help make it less lonely and more freeing.

Be Positive

First and foremost, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and take care of yourself. That also means you need to avoid letting yourself slip into catastrophizing over the situation.

You’ve got enough concerns as it is. As such, you shouldn’t take anything out on yourself. So, stop worrying about the future, questioning your worth, or entertaining any other negative notions.

Self-care and mindfulness should be a primary focus.

Seek Support

It’s completely okay to reach out to friends, family, loved ones, and even mental health professionals during this time. Do not worry about being burdensome or having people worry about you.

You don’t have to pretend everything’s fine if it isn’t. Instead, it’s important to be honest with those who you know care about your well being.

You know in your heart if someone you cared about was going through the same thing, you’d want to help.

Reconnect with Yourself

A divorce can sometimes serve as a reset button of sorts. Think back to the person you were once upon a time, before your marriage. Instead of letting your partnership even partially define you, it’s time to embrace the unique person you are inside.

If you have old habits or hobbies that got lost in the fray, you’re now free to enjoy them again. It’s a good time to really find yourself.

Get Out and Do Stuff

If you need a little time to yourself, that’s totally understandable. Perhaps you’ve got some movies, TV shows, or reading to catch up on.

However, you may also want to consider engaging in activities that help you connect with like-minded people, too. Socializing is good for both your mental and physical health and can be quite invigorating in times like these.

Whether you rekindle old hobbies or pursue completely new desires, the most important part is that you enjoy yourself.

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