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How to Find and Join a Local Book Club

Are you looking for more ways to stay social these days?  Do you also love reading? Well then, perhaps you should join a book club!

Not only can you meet people and make new friends, you’ll also get to join in some lively discussions. You can share your favorite authors’ work with others and learn about new books you might have otherwise missed.

If you’re not sure how to find or join a book club, we’ve got a few tips to help you out.

1. Ask your local librarian.

As you likely know, librarians tend to have a wealth of information at their disposal. The best part is, they can help you find more than just books and media. They can also help you find social activities, too.

Honestly, who better to ask about active, local book clubs than someone who works at a library? There’s a very good chance they’ll be in the know about all sorts of active reading and discussion groups.

Feeling shy? The library might also have a website or bulletin board with relevant information as well.

2. Check with your local senior center.

Do you live near a senior center? Often they may host reading groups and book clubs that meet there regularly. All you’ve got to do is ask.

Alternatively your local YMCA or community center might also have a monthly or weekly book club.

3. Ask people you know.

One of the simplest ways to find a book club to join is to ask around. There’s a chance you may know someone who’s already a member of one.

And even if none of your friends or acquaintances participate in them, they may have still heard about one. There’s hardly any reason not to ask around.

If your friends can’t point you in the right direction, perhaps you can ask an employee at a nearby bookstore.

4. Search the web.

Fun fact: there are actually a few places you can look online to search for local book clubs. Check out My Bookclub, Reader’s Circle, and Goodreads for starters.

Alternatively, the website can help you find groups and clubs that meet to discuss all sorts of different topics.

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