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How to Maintain a Clean Home with Pets

Pets are everything. Studies have shown that many people love their pets as much as they would children, and we spend literally billions of dollars every year maintaining their health and happiness.

But what about your happiness?

There’s nothing worse than walking into someone’s home and immediately knowing they have a pet, whether it be from the hair on the floor or the scent that assaults you. Here are some of our best tips for keeping your home clean and pet-free, even when you have one.

Get Your Carpet Cleaned

Carpet cleaning is such an underrated thing. So many people only clean their carpets when they’re moving, or once the carpets are so bad they can’t stand to look at them anymore. But carpets are expensive, and maintaining a clean carpet is important – not just for the look of your home, but for the scent, too.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on carpet cleaning, either. A professional can come out for a few hundred bucks, or you can invest that money into a home system so you can clean your carpets once a month.

Carpet cleaning makes your carpets look newer for longer, and keeps dander and smells out of the air. It’s a win-win.

Dust, and Often

Dusting is no one’s favorite job. I refuse to believe anyone has said: “Yay, today is dusting day!”

But it’s very important to maintaining a clean home! Pet dander builds up fast on surfaces, and stray hairs will get everywhere. A microfiber cloth is all you really need for most surfaces. Put on your favorite CD and make it a game of how many tracks you can get through before you’re done. It’s like golf, lower scores are better!

Cover Your Fabrics

If you allow your dog to jump on the couch and sit on your lap, I’m not here to judge you – I love all of the cuddles with a dog or cat. But you should consider getting a couch cover.

Yes, they’re ugly. And yes, they’re expensive. But couches, love seats, and recliners are expensive to clean and even more expensive to replace. That odor sinks into the fabric and will stay that way for the long run, leaving your home always slightly smelling of pets.

A cover you can bundle up and toss in the wash once a week is your best bet!

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