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Tidying Your Closet

How to Get Your Closet in Order, Even if You’re Not Good at Tidying Up

How does a home improvement project that you can finish in a day sound?

None of us are Marie Kondo; some of us don’t even know who she is. Regardless, Tidying Up is a hot topic these days and we can’t deny how nice a clean closet makes us feel.

You shouldn’t need to go hunting to find your favorite outfits, or as Kondo says, the ones that “spark joy.”

Let’s face it though. Even if you’ve read her book or watched the Netflix series, whittling down your wardrobe might not be feasible. Maybe not everything sparks joy and maybe, just maybe, that’s OK.

However, getting things in order can still be a huge time-saver. Plus, it can make you feel like you’ve really got things together and that, in itself, is often quite liberating. That’s why we’ve compiled some easy tips for decluttering your closet.

1. Know what you like.

Your favorite pieces should have the most prime real estate in your closet. These are the workhorses, the outfits that always make you feel fabulously fashionable. They should be front and center.

2. Downsize your wardrobe if necessary.

If you’re holding onto tons of stuff you know you’ll never wear, it might be time to donate them. Alternatively, valuable items (and especially vintage pieces) can be sold for a bit of extra rainy-day money.

Try sorting stuff into things you’ll wear and things you won’t or can’t wear anymore. Then you can decide what to sell, what to toss, and what to donate.

3. Get proper organizers.

When you can’t see what you have, it’s easy to forget what’s there. That’s why it’s important to organize things so you can see it all. That might mean investing in some new hangers, garment bags, and compression storage bags for out of season duds. Shoe shelves are also a must.

Once you have your organizational necessities, it’s time to come up with a method that works for you.

Some folks like to organize their clothing based on the level of formality. Others prefer to sort by color. This is entirely up to you – choose what makes things easiest for you to find when you need them.

The key thing is to keep everything visible.

4. Make your closet a happy place.

Is your closet a drab mess? After a thorough cleaning (that means taking everything out, vacuuming, and dusting) it’s time to really spruce it up.

Paint it a color you love, add lights if necessary, and make your closet something you can be proud of.

The idea of “home improvement” can be a daunting one to many people who instantly conjure up images of remodeled kitchens, new decks in the backyard or replacing aging windows. But simply organizing and cleaning your bedroom closet can add to your quality of life. It’s a great project to undertake on a rainy weekend. You’ll feel better doing this than yet another Netflix binger!

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