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Make Sure You Ask Santa For These Must-Have Household Items

Making sure you own the appropriate household items for the impending winter season is more important than many realize. Items such as blankets, bedding, winter clothing, and furniture absolutely need to be included on your Christmas wish list.

This holiday season, ask Santa and your loved ones for a few household items that you haven’t been able to purchase yourself. Consult the following list to ensure your home is squared away for the winter months.

Winter Clothing

Although your central heating system and fireplace will keep your home warm during the chilly months ahead, stock up on winter clothing items.

While gloves, beanie hats, coats, scarfs, wool socks, and boots will keep you nice and warm while out and about, other items such as slippers, hoodies, joggers, and long john underwear will keep you nice and toasty indoors.

Bedding and Bath Items

Weighted and Electric Blankets: Wrapping up in a weighted blanket at night (or for an afternoon nap) will help you stay asleep longer. The small weights inside the fabric help eliminate stress and anxiety by reducing movement at night.

Electric blankets are perfect for when you are having trouble staying warm. Sometimes, no matter how many layers you’re wearing, your body refuses to stop shivering. A cozy, electric blanket will do the trick in no time.

Towels and Bathroom Mats: The worst part of taking a shower is turning off the water and stepping out onto the floor. The unpleasant cold sensation you get when your feet hit the tile is the worst. Make sure you ask for a plush, ultra-absorbent mat for your bathroom.

It’s also important to ask for higher quality towels that are either absorbent or quick-drying and durable. The more inexpensive a bath towel is, the worse your showering experience will be. Here’s a list of the top 10 bath towels.

Personal Hygiene Items

While not necessarily household items, personal hygiene products are conducive to a clean and healthy home. Sitting in your leather recliner right after working out at the gym is not a good way to maintain cleanliness in your home.

Personal care item such as electric shavers and toothbrushes, essential oils, foot spas, and body lotion can eliminate that extra grime and build up over a long day. Placing hand soap and disinfected around your house will also ensure your home stays tidy and free of germs over the winter months.

Furniture and Household Decorations

Furniture and Area Rugs: It’s important that you have furniture pieces such as coffee tables, bookshelves, and ottomans at your disposal to keep things organized and your common areas free of clutter.

Spring-cleaning occurs in the spring because of all the build up and mess created as people stayed bottled up in their homes over the winter.

Ask Santa for small and large area rugs to give your living space more variety and an extra layer of protection in high traffic areas such as the family room, kitchen, and hallways.

Home Decor: Since you’re expecting to be cooped up inside longer over the next few months, it’s not a bad idea to decorate your home with candles, lamps, pictures, throw pillows, and other decorative trinkets. Hanging mirrors from the walls will also make your home feel larger, helping to eliminate any oncoming fears of cabin fever.

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