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Make Your Kitchen Safer with These Helpful Tips

While aging in place certainly has its perks, there are also several pitfalls. These can sometimes plague even the most responsible adults, as accidents can and do happen.

That’s why it’s important to be prepared for emergencies and to take the necessary household safety precautions.

Often, the bathroom is a major concern, so we install non-slip materials and grab bars. But what about the kitchen? Sometimes completely overlooked, it’s actually the third most likely place for falls to occur in the home. Plus, there are other elements that can cause safety risks as well.

So, here are some tips for making your kitchen safer.

1. Mind the flooring.

While it may be cost prohibitive to replace kitchen flooring, most kitchens have floors that are slippery and unforgiving. That’s why we suggest using non-slip mats in common areas like in front of the sink and the stove. Also, socks or house shoes with non-slip bottoms can also help prevent slipping and falling.

2. Test your smoke alarms.

In order to ensure your home is up to code, smoke detectors should be installed and fully operational. Given the fact that fire-related incidents are more likely to occur in the kitchen, this is of the utmost importance.

3. Keep emergency contacts close at hand.

Your refrigerator is a great place to keep a list of emergency contacts in case you should need them. You should include emergency medical information, veterinary information (if you have pets), and any other critical information as well. This is not just for your reference, but for your loved ones as well.

4. Replace old kitchen accessories with grippy ones.

While the old-fashioned hot pan holders and trivets may be more familiar, they’re simply not as safe as modern ones. Nowadays, there are non-slip silicone versions of these necessities that can make a world of difference. (Plus, they might also make it easier to open tough jar lids, too.)

5. Stay organized.

Clutter should be picked up and put away, though important things should be kept where you can easily reach them. Organization and proper storage may seem like something done simply for aesthetics or convenience, but it also makes things safer.

This way things don’t get accidentally knocked onto the floor. Fallen items can cause tripping hazards or cause undue stress when bending over to pick them up.

You’d be surprised how much safer your kitchen is when it’s organized.

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