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Quick Tips on Cell Phone Safety and Privacy

It’s amazing how intelligent smart phones become each and every year, but because of this, that means keeping your cell phone private and safe becomes even more and more important.

Here are steps you should take to make sure that your information stays where it should be.

Make Sure Your Phone has a Passcode

One of the easiest ways to help keep your phone safe is to set up a passcode. That means using your phone will require an extra step, but it’s an extra step that is well worth it.

That way, if your phone ends up in the wrong person’s hands, they can’t access information you’d rather that people not see. We store so much private information these days, including access to our financial institutions.

Check Your Security and Privacy Settings

Have you ever checked your phone to see what privacy and security settings are available? If not, now is a great time to do just that. Just look through your phone settings, or in specific apps that you believe might have a reason to track your whereabouts.

The settings may allow you to block cookies, limit data, and also limit certain application’s access to the data on your phone, which can include contacts, notes, pictures, and your location.

Turn Off Bluetooth

If Bluetooth is turned on, this enables other devices to communicate with your phone. While it is a very handy feature, if someone else gains access, they could misuse the information to intercept your calls or access your information.

If you don’t want to turn Bluetooth off, many phones will allow users to set passcodes or additional security levels so that it isn’t so easy for others to access it.

Turn Off Location Sharing

Another thing you’ll want to turn off on your phone is location sharing. That means someone can gain access to your exact location if you aren’t careful thanks to GPS. This also means that many programs can keep track of your day-to-day activities and whereabouts.

By turning this option off, not only can it hide your location, but it can also help you increase the battery life on your phone.

Avoid Storing Sensitive Information

The reality is that even if you take steps to keep things safe and private, someone may still gain access to your phone. One thing that can help in the event that this happens is to try not to store sensitive information on your phone at all, and keep any sensitive accounts password protected.

This includes deleting sensitive voicemails or text messages the moment you receive them. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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