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Smartphone Innovations Will Propel the Industry in 2020

Technology, in general, can only go as far as science and discovery will allow it. Many innovative ideas, such as the smartphone, existed in the minds of creative thinkers long before they hit the market.

Access seems to be the obstacle in moving forward with technology. It’s impossible to utilize something that is beyond reach. But that’s all about to change.

5G Network Launching

With Sprint (soon merging with T-Mobile) launching its 5G network in select cities this year, smartphones will undoubtedly experience a significant jump in what they can accomplish. 5G technology will offer faster data and increased battery life.

With these new advances, companies can be even more creative with their products by directing its resources away from the issues that once plagued the smartphone industry. Expect a fury of new innovations to be actualized in 2020.

Innovative Technology in 2020

Samsung has already revealed its concept for a foldable phone. They are well ahead of the curve for now but expect other companies to try to improve upon this first iteration. It’s not entirely clear how practical a foldable phone will be, but this just may be the tip of the iceberg in regard to what Samsung and others have up their sleeve.

The components (materials and parts) of phones will also become more innovative. At the end of last year, CNET spoke about the makers of Gorilla Glass and how they are working on ultrathin bendable glass. As you can see, the innovations of other industries can also propel the smartphone industry forward.

The software inside of phones, along with advanced SOCs (system on a chip), will only enhance the functionality of your smartphone. It is reported that Google will lead the way in significantly improving machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Being able to utilize this type of innovative technology in such a small form factor will make 2020 a year to remember.

Although facial recognition didn’t take off as many companies were hoping it would, advancements in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile chip will allow smartphone manufacturers to more easily integrate fingerprint sensors under the screen. It’s safe to say that fingerprint recognition will be the future of smartphone security and access.

Exciting Times Ahead

This is only the beginning. Companies fighting for the attention of their consumers through innovative ideas and products are good for everyone involved. It will be exciting to see the advancements made to our smartphones other than “the best camera lens you have ever used.” It’s time to be more innovative than that!

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