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Summer Deals on Big Ticket Items You Don’t Want to Miss

Sales definitely heat up during the summer — for some items more than others.

There are some big-ticket items that you should never buy full price. You can save a ton of money on things like appliances, electronics, hot tubs, or even new cars — as long as you can wait for the right deal to come along.

Luckily, we’re seeing plenty of money-saving discounts on some of these items this summer. Read on to see what you should be scoping out during these hot summer days.

Hottest Summer Deals on Vehicles

I’m sure you’ve always heard that the end of the year is typically the best time to purchase a new vehicle. Dealers tend to run year-end sales, trying to get rid of that year’s model to make room for the next batch.

However, this year is a little different.

As most of the country is recovering from coronavirus shutdowns, car dealerships are working extra hard to get your business. Many of the big names in cars are offering huge discounts, upgrades, and even unheard-of financing breaks to those looking to pick up a new vehicle.

Hottest Summer Deals on Appliances

Upgrading your home’s appliances can certainly cost a pretty penny. It’s imperative to find the right deals on these items, because it can save you a ton of cash.

If you’re looking to pick up new home appliances, check with the big home improvement stores, electronics stores, and even department stores. These places tend to host sales in the summer — and even more specifically, near the Fourth of July. These sales have even beat Black Friday prices.

Hottest Summer Deals on Electronics

Tech deals definitely ramp up at the beginning of summer. Not only because holidays like Father’s Day and the Fourth of July are right around the corner — but also because the kids are home for the summer.

I hate to tell you that you’re not likely to find a deal on the Nintendo Switch, since it’s definitely surged in popularity. However, we’re likely to see some deep discounts on other consoles — like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 — since these giants are about to release new systems.

I’ve also seen some really good summer deals on other electronics, like smartwatches, smart speakers, and even TVs.

Hottest Summer Deals on Hot Tubs

With the temperatures climbing, perhaps hot tubs, spas, and saunas aren’t at the top of your priority list.

That’s exactly why now is the time to buy them.

You’ll be sure to find discounts and coupons from brand websites and dealer websites. However, there are a few unexpected places to look, as well. Occasionally, you’ll find great discounts on hot tubs in local home magazines and coupon mailers. However, did you know that you can find some really great sales from hot tub dealers at county and state fairs?

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