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Best Degrees to Get Online

The Best Degrees You Can Get 100% Online

Have you thought about going back to school and finishing, or starting, a degree, but you don’t have time to attend classes? Do you want to further your education without a commute, dealing with waiting in lines, or – gasp! – talking extensively to other people?

Then an online school is perfect for you. But not every degree translates well to being taught at a computer. You can’t get a degree that requires hands-on experience through the computer, after all!

These are the best degrees that translate well from online to the real world. Taking your higher education seriously is the first step to creating the life you want, so be careful what you choose.
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Business Administration

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Much of what you do with the degree involves computers, so it translates well to the internet world. A degree in business administration is often coupled with something else, so it can be a great addition to tack onto your resume if you’re looking to move into management.

Consider that financial management, a path you can take with your business administration degree, has a growth rate of over 6% and a median income of over $65,000. Well worth the online investment.


Accountants look at files, read reports, and crunch numbers all day. 90% of what you do as an accountant is already behind a desk, so it makes sense that you can learn what you need to online without too much struggle!

Accounting is also growing, and rapidly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounting positions are expected to grow by 13.1% by 2022, which means over 150,000 brand new jobs will be out there waiting by the time you finish your education.

The median income for accounting? About $65,000. Not bad statistics at all.


There is always a need for finance degrees. People need money. People like money. And people need someone to handle the money they already have, and make more of it.

The average salary for a financial manager is over $89,000. Even if you don’t have those ambitions, a Certified Financial Planner averages over $65,000.

The education that you get from a finance degree – statistics, data mapping, how the stock market works – can all be learned from your dining room table as easily as it can be from a classroom.

Other Notable Mentions:

Those might be our top pics for your online degree options, there are other notable mentions in the bunch that you can consider. All translate well to learning online, and all have good growth potential.

  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • HR
  • Animation and Graphic Design
  • Hospitality

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