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The Best Deodorant Brands and Deals You Can Shop Today

This summer has been sweltering. This past week alone, the South, the Southwest and the Plains broke heat record after heat record. The same thing is even happening in the Northeast! So, that means your regular deodorant might not be cutting it anymore.

You need to invest in one of the best brands you can find when it comes to covering up those sweaty scents. And those brands have some of the best deals out there right now!

Read on to discover some of the awesome deals you can score with some of the best deodorant brands out there.


“My two teenage boys tried this and they love it,” one reviewer called Diana B. said. “It’s not an overbearing smell where some deodorant sprays can be, and it will last almost all day! It didn’t leave any residue on their clothes either. I would recommend to anyone that enjoys a more earthy tone when it comes to scents. Great product!”


When it comes to Dove, you can’t go wrong with the Even Tone Antiperspirant Deodorant in Rejuvenating Blossom.
“The nice thing is the the formula seems to be similar to the other Doves,” says reviewer Sara Jallen. “Which is great because its something that many consumers like me have grown the trust. The container has a whimsical design unlike the standard deodorant container. The smell of the deodorant is quite nice. It’s strong but light and blossomy. It glides on really smooth and it does not leave a layer that has to be scraped off after you get out the shower LOL. The texture is good for my body. And I have noticed that the dark marks underneath my arm has started to lighten up.”


Degree offers some of the best deodorant you can buy. When it comes to this brand, we highly encourage you to try the Stress Control MotionSense® Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick.

A reviewer who goes by the name Sklittl says, “People don’t realize how important it is to feel confident and capable to go out and do your job, give a speech – whatever it is that makes you stress sweat and not have to worry about the armpit stains. I have tried a few different dry spray deodorants and they usually don’t keep me smelling fresh throughout the day and turn my dark clothes white in the armpit area. I have been loving the Degree Women Motionsense Antiperspirant Deodorant – Stress Control dry spray. It doesn’t turn my clothes white and the smell is fantastic!”

Which of these brands is your go-to?

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