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The Latest and Greatest Mobile Tech Coming Out in 2021

Phones are getting crazy, y’all. In our pockets we have access to all of the information ever known. Can you believe that? And technology is getting even more intense as the years go by. Samsung mobiles are better than ever, Apple is actually changing and updating their systems… it just keeps getting better.

Here are some of the coolest mobile and tech trends you can expect to see in 2021.

Folding Phones are Happening, Yes

Samsung mobiles are happening, folks, and the folding phone is going to be coming to a store near you sometime this year. Despite the mishap with the first round of phones breaking almost immediately, Samsung is determined to release this tech.

Chinese companies like Huawei are also racing to put this tech on the market, so it’s absolutely coming out, either in the US or abroad. At this point, it’s a race – whatever companies get it done right first is going to win a huge market share.

Bigger is Better

The trend of giant phones isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Samsung mobiles are getting larger and larger, and people love it. Other companies are taking notes and creating huge screens with crazy, crisp quality.

Tech trends in the coming years aren’t going to slow down with these big screens, despite the fact that many won’t fit in a pocket anymore. Is this why fanny bags-oh, I’m sorry, belt bags are coming back into style? We can’t fit our phones anywhere else!

Expect Batteries to Suffer

If you were hoping the time of cell phones lasting for days at a time would come back around (much like fanny packs came back around in fashion), think again. Samsung mobiles might be good for a lot of things, but battery life isn’t one of them.

As consumers demand bigger, better screens, more impressive cameras, and new features, something has to give. That is going to always be battery life.

Technology still has a long way to go with making small, impressive batteries. Expect battery life to suffer in the coming years as tech evolves and changes… don’t throw away your rechargeable battery packs just yet!

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