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Top 10 Most Common Health Issues You Might Face in Your Lifetime

Many of today’s most common health issues are related to lifestyle choices and environmental circumstances. It’s helpful to know what kinds of health conditions most adults have a high chance of facing in their lifetime, so you can adjust your choices now in order to prevent them as much as possible. Many of these health issues are related to the rising cost of insurance premiums, and there’s a lot that we can do to safeguard ourselves or help reduce demand for medical procedures.

Here are the 10 most common health issues, as well as some tips on how to stave them off as early as you can.

#1: Obesity

Many of today’s most common health conditions, like heart disease, mental health, colon-related conditions, and a number of cancers, are caused by being overweight or obese. Start making small changes like getting regular exercise and eating nutritious foods as early in life as you can to prevent developing morbid obesity.

#2: Addiction and Substance Use

Alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse and addiction are becoming increasingly common. Opiate addiction, in particular, is a common health condition. In many cases, people are self-medicating with substances due to stress, chronic pain, or trauma. Support groups and mental health treatment is available, as well as medical detox, to help you curb substance use issues.

#3: Allergies

From environmental, to food, to pets, allergies are common among most individuals today.  It’s important to understand the triggers for each type of allergy in order to treat and control the various symptoms.  Consult your doctor for allergy testing to get a better handle on your individual needs or to rid your allergies for good!

#4: Tobacco Dependence Disease

Although not as many people smoke today as they did a few decades ago, tobacco use (or “tobacco dependence disease”) is still a serious problem. It can lead to lung cancer, sleep apnea, and many other serious health conditions later in life. Seek out support groups or ask your doctor about ways to quit if you smoke.

#5: Diabetes

Rates of type 2 diabetes are growing, as more American adults eat poorly and become overweight. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or managed in part through a nutritious diet and regular exercise, so consult a doctor about ways to control your blood sugar and improve your cholesterol levels as soon as you can.

#6: Bodily Trauma

Violence and injuries are common due to domestic violence in particular, as well as accidents such as car collisions. Bodily violence can cause physical injuries as well as mental health conditions like PTSD. Ask your primary care physician about domestic violence resources if you are worried about violence in your relationship or at home.

#7: Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a common health condition among older adults in particular. As the population ages, pneumonia rates are rising. If you find yourself with symptoms of an infection, head to the doctor right away to prevent it from declining into a more serious condition like pneumonia.

#8: STDs

Sexually transmitted disease rates are increasing across the U.S., with chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis making a comeback after years of declining rates. Make sure to practice safe sex each and every time you have sex, and get tested regularly.

#9: Lung Problems and Asthma

Environmental pollution in many communities is leading to an upswing in lung problems, including asthma. Get your home tested for mold and other toxic elements, and try to use natural products as much as you can, to avoid lung issues and other common health conditions.

#10: Dental Conditions

Because many people lacked adequate access to health care as children, dental conditions are common in adulthood. Brush and floss regularly, and ask your doctor about finding an affordable dentist as soon as you can to resolve any dental issues before they become more severe.

Basic dental insurance is cheap, but the procedures can be very expensive. You can save a lot of money over the course of your life by simply taking good care of your teeth.

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