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Top Mother’s Day Gifts That You Can Buy Online

More families than ever before will be celebrating this Mother’s Day long distance. That means this probably isn’t the year to send Mom a Roomba. Or a fish tank. Or a weighted blanket.

No; this year we do not want to spend excessively on shipping costs. Lightweight gifts are the name of the game in 2020. Have them delivered to your home and wrap them yourself, or have them shipped with a gift receipt directly to your mother’s door. Many companies will also wrap the gift up nicely for you if you’re sending it to her address.

Check out these awesome ideas for Mother’s Day 2020 gifts that don’t require a trip to the mall!


Gorgeous flowers are pretty essential on Mother’s Day – they never fail to put a smile on a mom’s face. Find a florist local to her online!

Online photo book

Why not send Mom a thoughtful photo book that you can create in the comfort of your home? All you have to do is upload photos to a simple template online. The printing company you choose will make the book for you (after you confirm it’s exactly how you want it to look). If you can’t spend too much, just create a smaller book – photo albums don’t need to be too big, anyway!

Giftcards to local businesses

This year’s Mother’s Day comes during a historic time. Small business closures are rattling towns across the country. Individuals and families alike can’t help the business owners as much as they’d want to – they need to be cautious with their funds. So, help your mom support some of her favorite local businesses by buying giftcards she can use whenever the doors reopen.

You can even gift her multiple giftcards. For example, buy one giftcard each from her favorite local hair salon, restaurant and/or whatever else she likes. You can buy her some yoga classes, museum tickets, a spa day…the list goes on.

A nice robe

Listen: Having a luxurious robe to wrap herself in will make any woman feel like a literal queen. It’s just how it is.

Gardening kits

Does your mom have a green thumb? Seeds for succulents, flowers and produce are truly the gift that will keep on giving.

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 10 this year. Mark your calendar and don’t forget! Also, be sure to put those online orders in sooner rather than later; many companies are experiencing shipping delays.

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